pc: Stephanie Peterson @  The Pair Visuals

pc: Stephanie Peterson @ The Pair Visuals

I am always learning.
— Michaelangelo, age 87

Other stuff I do:

- Some PNW creative friends and I are putting together a new magazine that showcases local art of all kind.
We are City & Rose. Have a look!

- I love history, and manage social media marketing for a forthcoming WWII documentary titled “The Girl Who Wore Freedom.” Check it out here!


Hi! I'm Beth. 

I grew up in a small desert town in California, where my love for photography began when Dad lent me his Canon DSLR. I’ve since transplanted to Oregon to finish my Business degree from George Fox University. I'm excited to devote more time to photography now that I have graduated.


I'm pretty laid back. I avoid drama, go barefoot when I can get away with it, and enjoy loud, joyful company just as much as I do an evening to myself

Messy wind-tossed hair and ice cream stains on your kid's shirt probably won't bother me. Wedding details don't go exactly as planned? I'll roll with it. I'm committed to documenting moments as beautifully imperfect as they are.

Photography has constantly pushed me out of my comfort zone. It's helped an awkward, introverted teen grow into an awkward, introverted adult with a new appreciation for the value of humans and the beauty of creation.

Connecting with new people who aren't afraid to be imperfect and real in front of the camera is one of my favorite things*.

Email me and let's talk!
- Beth


*A few of my other favorite things:
Jesus. Chocolate anything. Nacho Libre. Astronomy. Theological discussions. (Authentic) ramen. Raindrops on roses. Whiskers on kittens. Not taking myself too seriously. Obviously.